About us and our brew

Who are we?
Raging River Coffee is a micro roaster within the trees of Issaquah, Washington. Sam and Madison have been roasting meticulously for the last 5 years, perfecting what they believe is the most versatile, delicious tasting cup of coffee. We invest in the connections we make with our customers and love what we do. 

Why will you love our coffee?
You will love our coffee because we take great pride in the espresso we pull every day. We achieve the best flavors by sourcing raw coffee beans from around the world by targeting the local growth from around the coffee plantations. This delivers the most precise flavor to the coffee that we are looking for. The forefront taste of chocolate, notes of hazel nut, and a bright finish of caramel. We roast our beans strategically to bring these flavors to life, and tailor the grind of the bean to pull exquisite creamy espresso.

Why us?
We created this company because we love making, roasting, and sharing our coffee. We bring a personable atmosphere, where we ensure every customer has the best experience and coffee.