Single Origin - El Salvador La Cubana and San Gabriel

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Raging River's Single Origin Roast - El Salvador La Cubana and San Gabriel  

Roast: Medium-Dark

Flavor Profile: Orange, praline, milk chocolate

1 lbs bag. Please indicate how you would like your beans to arrive: Whole or Ground. If your method is not listed, please send us a message!

Background Information on the coffee farm: El Salvador La Cubana and San Gabriel coffee is sourced from a family-owned farm located near the town of Apaneca within the department of Ahuachapan, El Salvador. The Dada Peña family owns and operates La Cubana and San Gabriel, which have an ideal micro-climate for coffee cultivation because of its location in the Apaneca/Ilametepec mountain range, one of the most prestigious areas of coffee cultivation in the country. La Cubana and San Gabriel are firmly committed to educating the children living near the farms. They donated land to the ministry of education and a primary school was built where 85 children are now enrolled. Each year, La Cubana and San Gabriel funds school events to promote sports and culture.


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